Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Undress Me

Undressed me with your eyes but failed to undress me with your mind. I'm still so dry #sapiosexual

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sisters Arise

Sisters they taught you to hate this?
They taught you to hate this?
To wanna shake this?
There is nothing wrong with us!
We are beautiful!
Look at that shining in the sunshine!!
Look at that!
Why would I hate this?
Why would I hate this skin?
This is a blessing given from above
I'm in love with my skin.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The best is yet to come

I made this meme when I was being beat down by bullies who were supposed to be friends. When my support systems were falling apart, when my trust issues began to fade and got shot down.  When I was faced with how ugly humans can be. I made this when I felt that once I finally got the strength to live my life outside my home, beat agoraphobia and challenge social anxiety beyond my 4 walls again I felt like running back to it.  This isint my quote but I wrote this before the good news of late before popped up on my feed , before the latest  August articles flashed in front of my face...when I wasn't even sure which way I was going in my career. I still believed. You need to believe in yourself too. When you have nothing and no one. Not a penny to your name. When people mock your dreams and think you should do adult things, that's when you have to leap head first and go full force.
It's not when people give your recognition and people by are loving you and cheering you on when you need to believe in yourself the most, it's in the moments of sadness, darkness, tears, fear, doubts and being uncertain when you really need to believe.. things will get better. Things have to get better. Never forget to remind yourself ...The best is yet to come.
#hope #faith #love #courage #yourstoryisinoveryet #grit #determination #againsttheodds #nottoolate #thereisnocant #try #thebestisyettocome #justtry #believeinyourself #purpose #motivation #letsgetgreat #onestep

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Smile - The Jester

Entertain us
Laugh dance and sing
Make us merry take away our sting
For the moment...
We'll put you on display
On this here stage
Crowds cheering away
Honourable mentions
Stay in place
Know your role!
Your integrity is the toll
No objections
As long as you make us shine
As bright as your
Laugh and play
Strip our self loathing away
Pretend everything is ok
Don't think or feel just obey
Big top
Sights and sounds
Well keep you around
Until the
Rain and unbearable pain
Stiff and numb
Coming undone
Don't ever complain!

Whisked away backstage
pouring raining
Cannot contain
That painted smile
Must remain intact...
Ready for the next act
Where you are welcomed back
into the spotlight
So everyone can see you


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Flower Child

I see beauty everywhere and there is no season I see it more than in Summer. My love for flowers developed longer than I can remember and it seems to grow more and more each year. Here's a taste of what I captured Spring and Summer 2017

Friday, July 21, 2017

Project Semicolon

 Suicidal Tendencies

@projsemicolon 🍃Ive had my struggles with #depression  #postpartumdepression  Ive contemplated ending it all I've talked myself out of it many times I've always looked for reasons to smile and those reasons keep me going. I hope you can find reasons to smile every day #yourstoryisinoveryet
Thanks @anton1otattoo for helping me be a voice to the voiceless
#art #artlife #freshink #ink #tattoo #inked #canvas #storyteller
#tobecontinued #dailyreminder #letstalk #sesonaldepression #itsreal #dontquit #projectemicolon #semicolontattoo #anotherday #itgetsbetter #timehealsallwounds #faith #believe #sunshine #air #hope #peace #imwithyou ❤#thereasonswhyismile

Just Like a Tattoo

 A tattoo is a lesson in get something meaningful you have to embrace every step of the journey. I'm a little excited to show the progress. It's not done healing yet but hey enjoy the ride Phase 1... 🤗 @anton1otattoo

Take risks
Face your fears
Deep breaths
Get hyped
Endure pain
Wrestle doubts
Feel the burn
Itch with anticipation
#tattoo #tat #lifelesson #lettinggo #artlife #coverup #moretocome #girlswithtattoos

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Self-care take care...

We never stop learning do we? People don't take advantage Iig we don't let them right? Yes and no...Sometimes there's wolves in sheep's clothing we will get hurt let down betrayed and deceived. One of those guarantees in life. Just be aware and wiser next time. Don't lose your softness or your good heart because for as many bad ones you meet there's double the good ones pouring into your life. Look around you🌸 #learntosayno #knowyourworth #waitforthepayback  #thegoodwillcomebacktoyou #gratitude #stillcountingblessings #sunnysummerdays #reasonswhyismile