Tuesday, July 26, 2016


They say there's two seasons in Canada.. Winter and Construction! Ha well that's sorta true. When we do Summer we definitely do it up in style. Here's a bit of my Summer 2016. Halfway there. I'll be adding to this pictoral as the Summer progresses...Im ready for August now, lets go!!

Some lovely flowers in Cobourg
Playing with my new Camera

Another pic from my new camera
Finally unwound myself on my vacation enough to do some jewelry with beach glass.

Im happiest by the water. Lake Ontario, Cobourg side

Doesnt need a caption does it??? Just say Ahhhhh..

If you havent tried poutine you need to....

Friday, July 15, 2016

God is Love

Coming from my heart because I love you all.
We throw God out of our lives, say he doesn't exist and wonder where he is when it's too much!
We say there is too much evil in this world, but insist on being free to indulge in it!
We embrace the carnal, the spiritual, the intellectual, but ignore the Creator and the creation we are surrounded by every day! "Oh fairy tales they say!" "How can those small-minded people believe in those myths?"
My heart is in pain as much for the senseless tragedies which people will undoubtedly blame on the same God that supposedly doesn't exist, as much as for what is to come...
God didn't do this, our sin, our greed our selfishness, our hate our arrogance, our pride and apathy did because WE know better than our Daddy!

Figure out this love thing now while you still have the time. Stop fighting against him he's on your side.
God is Love!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Toronto So Much To Offer

If you know me I absoutely love Summer! Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities on the planet..if you're looking for Culture you've got to come up here even just to visit. The international cuisine and cultural experiences are unmatched. The summer festivals are in full swing , there's so many I can't get to them all. Here's a glimpse of my Summer so far, Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Plus Girl In My Heart

Im way ahead of schedule a whole year actually.  I am now wearing size 1X  down from 3X less than a year l and my new size is loose. Don't bother tell me its only a number and it doesn't matter, I've been plus size my whole adult life when clothes were boxy, ugly and no fun at all! I been in the trenches, I heard it all" if you just don't eat", " you eat too much" " you can't get a man at that size"  all was untrue, I wasn't eating enough, Guess what? Im eating more now and honey, finding a man as a plus size girl is way easier than you think! We have to beat them off with a stick! ( and a prayer)
This is a very emotional moment for me. I've struggled since age 13 and tried everything under the sun to get my weight under control. I've learned to love the skin I'm in years ago. Proudly eat my food in front of people in the malls without wondering if they are judging me. Why was it everyone's business? Why all this unsolicited advice on my struggle, and would they just shut up and let me be me?
When people think we don't have it together when you are fat, it's something considered to be a flaw in society, a flaw that shows outwardly , they take license to point it out and judge. I wouldn't say to someone, "oh your skin is so bad it's must be your diet!"  I wouldn't take their food from them in the food court and throw it in the garbage, I wouldn't shame them. We have a long way to go in society.

As I am enjoying my weight loss Im doing much reflection. I will always be a plus girl at heart. Its molds me, it forced me to go beyond the superficial, to build my character,  to have a personality becauae looks wasnt always going to cut it!  These days girls can be big and proud but when I was growing up we were hidden and shamed. Not that fat shaming doesn't exist, it's still a problem, the big girls just aren't taking it anymore. We had to do our own thing, make our own parties, shops and magazines. We had to celebrate ourselves unapologetically to be taken seriously.  I had to find my confidence my own way and I surely did. It made me a rebel at heart. Meaning I didn't rely on the affirmation of others. I didnt do things for their approval. I didnt apologize for my size. If you didnt like me you could step off and I'd still be strutting. Its the same with my grey hair. Dont like it see ya! Seems like when I finally got this loving myself thing down pat, the new journey began!

To the plus size hotties out there keep showing em how beautiful you are, I love you all!!  Look out regular size world here I come to invade your world and teach you a thing or to about being happy at any size! Don't worry I'm keeping my curves :)

Monday, June 06, 2016

Celebration of Life

Exactly 1 year ago my Dad passed away, it was sudden and a shock to most of my family.  I shut myself off from the world for 3 weeks! Daddy was so peaceful he gave me time to grieve. He's been sleeping peacefully ever since... After that I had time to reflect on the legacy that lay squarely on my shoulders.. I reflected, searched and found my life again. I healed in many ways.
I spent my entire life looking for heroes, only to realize, "The hero lies within me" I have to be that champion...I had to take ownership on whether to live life with a glass half full or empty! I have the power to choose a life that's fulfilling no matter the circumstance! With that revelation,  I picked my shattered pieces up, dusted myself off and began a new journey.  All my strength comes from my Heavenly Father , he was always there.  "I can do all things through Christ  who gives me strength!!" Phil 4:13
My whole life changed for the better. It's a continual work in progress.  Dad would be smiling on me now.
So this date, June 6th, will be ever etched in my heart as a celebration of life! The life my Dad gave to me and the one I will live till it's time to pass the torch.
Don't be sorry for me, I'm not! Live your life till its overflowing with joy!!!!

R.I.P Daddy!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Playing With Your Grey

I've been told I wear the right colours, for my skin tone and hair.. People will say I glow or look right up at my streak because I subconsciously direct them there.  I actually chose colours to compliment my grey on purpose, though purple, silver and black have always been my favourite colours  :)

I'll tell you why it's pretty natural to me, I worked 5 years in a retail store dressing women! Im an artist, so I live for colour! I'm very VISUAL I also play with makeup. I'm pretty simple when it comes to makeup because I am perfectly comfy without it, if I'm wearing makeup it's gotta look clean and fresh.

Some tips
If you are wearing something and you get compliments it's probably a good shade for you...many of us need to adjust our wardrobes a bit especially if our new shade is way different from our old shade. You don't have to throw your clothes away, you can use scarves, accessories and makeup to bring attention to your face..scarves are amazing for this. Earrings and necklaces can enhance your features too.

Acessorize more
I am wearing more rings earrings and hair accessories, it's a pick me up and I feel more pretty and interesting wearing more expressions of myself!

Be on Top of Your Game!
This is not the time for you to let yourself go, why should you? Whether you get spa treatments at home or at your favourite salon, keep up with it! Don't lose that sparkle that goes with that fresh shiny silver you got going on!

Skin Care
If you are going grey chances are you are dealing with changes in your skin as well. Hydrate more by drinking the right amount of water per day , eat more lean green and clean if you aren't already. Ask your doctor if you need vitamins, many of us need more or different doses as we age.

Positive In Positive Out
If you want to reflect good energy you need to be thinking, living and breathing it! Beauty comes from within , I am a witness to this! I have a sunny side up type of personality, but its a choice as well. I choose to be happy even if circumstances around me aren't so peachy. Stress causes internal turmoil and I simply cannot afford to live in the dumps anymore nor should you!

Enjoy the Process
Aging is a gift not everyone gets a chance to open. Going grey was traumatic for me , it took me a solid year to be comfortable showing my " granny hair" in my 40s.. I didn't expect to have this much grey till my 70s,  but nature is beautiful because no matter what shade of silver you get its always complimentary to your skin..nature is grand God makes no mistakes!!

Sunday, May 01, 2016

The Case of Grey Continues

Im doing so much better , skin clearer.. hair finally allowed to grow, pain free, discomfort free. Praising my Lord for the peace I been feeling! Rocking that silver for all its worth! Peace out!

Health First!

I posted this on my Facebook on April 4th

'It kinda took me by surprise. My clothes started getting so loose, my coat from last year is huge!! Why I'm losing sooo much weight? It's a combo of things. I'm eating MORE but earlier in the day, breakfast and lunch time. This seems to be working for me. Natural probiotics like Kefir a few times a week for my gut, as people with autoimmune conditions like Psoriasis tend to have issues with, leaky gut. People on the Autism spectrum are said to have leaky gut issues as well. I've adapted our eating habits for my son. We eat out at times and have treat days but the majority of the time my choices are intentional, plant based, higher on the veggies, fruit and organics... I haven't weighed in lately, GNC seemed to have taken their scale out at my location, so I'll have to get my own. I've lost at least another 15- 20lbs safe to say. I'll keep ya posted!"
When I finally checked in at a friends house and hopped on a scale I was in for a pleasant surprise. Oh I didnt just los, 10 or 15 or 20 pounds I had lost another 30 and in total I lost a whopping 60lbs in less than a year.. I am amazed I gave myself 2 years to get under 200lbs Im 40 pounds away from that. Its totally realistic.. maintaining is another thing I am enjoying this leg of the journey.. Its health first for me and that works!

Psalm 91 Moments - Its not your Exit Yet!

I've had some near death experiences in my life, close calls. A few years ago, I went outside, seconds before missing a shootout..my son called and asked if I was OK as he heard shots after I left home. I made it to the bus stop across the street by then. It happened again one Labour Day, that's the day before school begins here in Ontario. I was coming home with the kids, one in a stroller. It was eerily quiet in the hood. I had wondered where everyone was. Few minutes later my son come in said there wee cops everywhere. Later on I heard there was shooting, someone had died. We were along the same path coming home. If we were out few minutes later, it would have been another story.

13 years ago, I was suddenly ill, my thoughts became fuzzy, speech slurred a backache from hades itself. By the next day i was so dizzy even when I closed my eyes. Another day came and I was delirious and stumbling like a drunk into my docs office.... 4 pills saved my life. Doc said if I waited 48 hours Id be dead. It was ecoli, the deadly strain. I only recall binging on fruits , grapes and water few days leading up to that.. not a great weight loss attempt but I tied.  My Doc had no way of knowing the source when I asked him on my next visit. That was a close call!

This last incident happened a couple nights ago, had me eye to eye with a car almost hitting me.  I had total right of way crossing on a green. A bus had just turned the corner and this driver probably didn't notice me, though they shouldn't have been speeding to make that left turn into the intersection that I was trying to cross.  My life flashed before my eyes briefly, I was perturbed but I didn't jump. I had the deer in the headlights syndrome mixed with defiance and stubbornness. "You really gonna get me like this when I have my kids to go home to!?!?" , was all I could think about. The car swerved to get out of my way and continued on their hurried path to somewhere-ville. I crossed the road, a bit shaken and thankful for her another day of blessings, protection and another moment to feel the breath of life through my lungs.

 This last moment,  showed me how mad the enemy is but also how powerful prayer is. We always pray before leaving work and that night was no exception...never doubt it's power
Never doubt you'll your Psalm 91 moment.

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.”
Psalm 91:1-2

We may take it for granted at times but lift it up. He protects and guides us. It's not that were better than anyone else but God has a plan and he will step in and shield us till our journey on this side is over. Pray for his guidance and protection from the evil one. Pray for your loved ones for it may be that prayer that covers them at just the right time. I've felt the prayers of others especially in my low times. There is power in prayer, never cease.

When they Reject You, Look Above

I have a loner personality, meaning I'm content spending time alone, traveling alone going out alone, it doesn't mean that I don't like people, I'm just a real independent first born. When a so-called good friend stopped talking to me solely based on the slander of someone else, I was served a cold hard does of reality. That people will fail me. I didn't know why at the time. I asked her what's up and she said she's busy.  She not only stopped talking to me suddenly but also didn't allow her kids to talk to mine. My kids we're heartbroken!! To hurt me is one thing, hurt my kids..then gotta hold me back!  People started asking me why isint she talking to me..I had no clue. She started walking past me as if I didnt exist. This was not Christian behaviour! I tried calling out to her but she would turn her head as if a cold wind hit her in the face. I had no choice but to accept that she no longer wanted to associate with me.

A couple years later she forwarded a copy of a note with a mutual associate's slander towards her , as if I knew what it was all about. I was puzzled..it had nothing to do with me.
My simple response was, "So sad" I had nothing else to say, it was another woman bashing her and I finally had an answer. I was guilty by association. Years of friendship down the tube over someone else's beef with her.

 My trust issues began brewing again. I had to find peace , but of course I withdrew and wondered why do I even allow people into my life. What did I have to learn from this.
Betrayal is no stranger to me. I'm the girl who does 1000 rights but gets run down for 1 error. I'm the girl who's been abandoned, abused, cheated on, the girl who everyone loves and suddenly people stop talking to me. Jealousy, envy, rejection gets thrown in my face. I'm the glass half full and it ticks some people off. How can she be so kind, so patient, so GENUINE?????  My answer is this, I strive to reflect Christ and all the good in me comes from him not myself. My ways have been tarnished from Adam and Eve's fall in Genesis. It's human nature to seek mistrust, judge, envy and hate. It wasn't meant to be that way, that's what the enemy wanted.
Our tragedies, and trials aren't always meant to punish, wait hear me out..at times we are paying against wrongs or generational wrongs, however some of our trials are to help build our character, stretch us and prepare us for situations in the future. It may take tears for you to connect the dots. When it adds up you will have your Aha! moment.

I will be blunt with you....Forgiveness isin't one of my strengths, especially when I'm deeply wounded. I have nursed so many deep hurts it will take volumes for me to express it all. Ive blocked people out of my life for years when Im pushed too far. Its often for my protection, being a softhearted person. I learned that my experiences have brought me closer to Jesus, you see it caused me to rely on him more less on my own strength.

People will always fail us. Jesus, never did wrong, yet he was despised, rejected and broken for us. You feel like an underdog, he was one too! You sacrificed he did too! You poured all your time and effort into others? Big sigh right? Your own turned against you... He was disowned by his most closest and trusted brothers in Christ. His human experiences point us to our brokeness over and over, until we realize he has the answers, he feels our pains sorrows and he is the only path to peace.

But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed.Isaiah 53:5 ESV

If anyone understands Jesus does. Dont allow the enemy Satan to take you off course. Don't allow him to make you bitter and distressed. He wants you so off track and off guard so that you are disarmed and he can slither in and cause chaos in your life

...But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.
 2 Corinthians 4:7-9 NIV

This is one of my favourite verses in the Holy Bible. it really speaks to me..our treasure is on the inside.. its our spirit that God has given to us. People may try to destroy us or tear us down but they cannot crush our soul which will live on forever once we remain in Christ. Stay Encouraged you are never alone even in the rejection you may be experiencing right now.Your Father is ready and waiting for you, his arms stretched open.. He hears your cries.. bring your burdens to him..let him carry it for you.